Grand Canyon Black & White

Since Brian had a massive stroke in January of 2016 I have been his sole care giver.

I am finding it difficult to keep this pace without a break for myself. He has been home since May 13, 2016 and I 
have been *it* since that day.

He does get to Adult Day Connection 4 days each week, but that is for he sole purpose of me going into the office to work.

We have taken some vacations, and they have been wonderful.

Respite care is different. When we vacation, the work goes with me. In fact, there is more work being away from home. Most of us can take time away from our responsibilities, we certainly need that break. This is why employers offer vacation time. They understand the value of taking a break from “work”. Husbands and wives have stronger relationships when they can take some time apart.

Therefore, I am planning a getaway for myself. I have been awarded the Joyce Kelsh Photography Workshop Scholarship and will be traveling to Philadelphia in November. Brian will stay home with a caregiver while I travel.

As an alternative to solely contributing to the cause, I am hosting an Open House, a "Break Sale", if you will. The event will be held at our home on September 29th. All are welcome, so come join us for refreshments, visiting, and shopping.  

I will be offering prints of my photographs for donations. I will have many on hand, but if you have a favorite image that's not already available, I will be printing "on demand". Prints will be mounted and matted on white. Note: I also have some metal prints, in various sizes, on hand which will be available for sale.

$40 contribution will receive a 5x7.
$75 contribution will receive an 8x10.

NEW! Notecards of the McBaine Reflection are now available!
$50 contribution will receive 5 Notecards.

$100 contribution will receive 10 Notecards.

If you are unable to attend, you will be able to purchase here on my website. See below.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have a favorite image you would like printed.

God loves you and so do I.


Grand Canyon Sunset

Grand Canyon from Lipan Point


McBaine Reflection

4" x 5.5" Note Cards

Grand Canyon Vertical

McBaine Winter


Wide Columns


Jefferson City Bridge


McBaine Reflection


MIZZOU Columns